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Facts And Answers About Freight University Course

•    I want to become a freight broker agent, does FREIGHT UNIVERSITY help with that?

Absolutely, we thrive on providing in depth freight broker agent education with our members. We also take it a step further with all of our members who are engaged with launching their freight broker business within our core program to begin freight brokering or working as a freight agent. Our freight agent training is built from the idea of not only providing you with the knowledge on how to move freight as a freight agent, but how to take that knowledge and apply it to your own business.
•    Why Do you offer A Freight Broker Training Course?

We offer a freight broker training for the main reason of building long term relationships and keeping our core focus on logistical development and trucking company management. We strive to bring likeminded individuals into the same logistical field that we are all growing within. We do not tend to be a for public company for we find that most people are just looking for knowledge and then they tend to go their own directions. We have found that working together is the key to long term growth. All of FREIGHT UNIVERSITY freight broker training candidates become members for long term. We utilize the "Think Tank" Strategy. Once you join our Course, you will be with like minded individuals who are all coming together to build a profitable logistics business. The old saying of two minds are better than one is our thought process.

•    I want to build a freight broker business that is successful. Does FREIGHT UNIVERSITY help with that?

Yes. We also want to build success from within. Most of our members are not only active in freight brokering, but also in trucking company ownership and investing. Being part of a team allows us all to get better and stronger together. The FREIGHT UNIVERSITY Development Program is for those entrepreneurs who wish to build their own freight broker business or trucking company with a 6 month consulting plan that enables them to start from ground zero. You can join the development program if interested and be surrounded by other investors and entrepreneurs as yourself.

•    How long have you been working within logistics?

For more than 26 years within logistics and 20 years helping the logistics public within freight brokerage and trucking company development. FREIGHT UNIVERSITY builds opportunity for freight movement by various methods and networking situations. Our members are the heart of our company. FREIGHT UNIVERSITY owns trucks, a freight brokerage, offers truck dispatching and has been investing in logistics for years.

•    How do I qualify to become a student for learning how to become a freight broker with FREIGHT UNIVERSITY?

It’s simple. Just enroll into the program.

•    How do I make money being a freight broker after learning with FREIGHT UNIVERSITY?

FREIGHT UNIVERSITY members are engaged within logistical investment. Each group is focused within key freight lanes and are applying the knowledge and skills from within the group and establishing freight movement. Members have built successful relationships with key focuses on targeted niche markets and investment into assets and more. Many members are working as freight agents or have their own freight broker business. We also have members who are investing into trucks to move their freight within their freight agent business. These methods are what make FREIGHT UNIVERSITY unique and considered outside of the box. FREIGHT UNIVERSITY membership is sought after by true logistical entrepreneurs and this continues to grow . Our members are focused on growth and business entrepreneur techniques that are proven and result in freight movement that creates consistent profits.

•    Do you offer freight agent placement?

Absolutely! We would not want to leave anyone behind. FREIGHT UNIVERSITY knows its important for new freight broker agents to work within an environment that is going to help them move forward. This takes time and patience from a freight broker firm. We offer placement within a firm that understands you might be new to the industry, but with time and the right tools, you could be very successful and a great asset to the company. You can learn more here about freight agent placement.

•    How long does it take for me to become a freight agent or freight broker?

Typically, it takes the average person a few months to become comfortable with the task of moving freight and working independently while fully understanding the mechanics of the entire load process. The Freight Agent Training enables you to learn organically. If you’re working in the Logistics Development Program building your own freight broker or trucking company business, this program will typically last 6 months. Regardless of the program, you should still allow yourself a few months before being comfortable of moving freight loads consistently.

•    Can I be just a dispatcher ?

The answer to this question is yes. You can be just a truck dispatcher if you are working with a trucking company under the guidelines of Title 49 CFR 371 . If you are trying to build a business as a Freight Dispatcher and you are soliciting Carriers, then you must work for a licensed Freight Broker Company. FREIGHT UNIVERSITY freight Agent training program includes the Truck Dispatcher Training Course and you will learn all the Federal requirements on how to operate your freight dispatch services.

•    What’s the difference between the Logistical Development Training Program and the Freight Broker Agent Training Program?

The logistical Development Training Program is designed for those who are starting their own Federal Mandated Logistics Freight Broker Business or Trucking Company Business. The program also includes the highly sought after Freight Broker training Program as well as 6 months logistics business consulting, guidance on company set up, and ongoing consulting to help the business launch successfully. You can learn more by visiting the Logistical Business Development Program Here. The Freight Broker Agent Training program is an in-depth Property Broker training program that also includes learning Truck  Dispatching, and Trucking Company Development Training. The program is designed to turn an individual into a Professional Logistics Service Provider that not only enables them to learn how to be a freight broker agent, but also how to help trucking companies grow thru their services and skills.

•    How much does it cost to open a freight broker business?

Typically, it cost a person around $5000 dollars to start a Freight Broker Company and you can expect around $500 to $1200 monthly recurring expenses to operate your freight broker business. These ongoing expenses include insurance, surety bond, software, website, business phone, and more. Its much less to work as an independent truck dispatcher or freight agent. Contact us and we will explain more.

•    How much does it cost to open a trucking company?

To start a trucking company under the rules and regulations of the FMCSA typically cost around $10,000 dollars. This cost does not include the truck or trailer. Your largest expense would be insurance down payment, IFTA and IRP registration, fuel cards, maintenance escrow, GPS and ELD solutions and more. The cost is comparable to the return. Once you book your first load, your income generates immediately when operating a trucking business.

•    Do I need to have a licensed business to be freight broker agent?

No you do not. If you have a licensed business you operate as a freight agent, then you are operating illegally since you would need to be licensed and bonded. You work as a freight agent as a sole proprietor, working as yourself and no license is needed. You would have to have an agreement set up with a licensed Freight Broker Company and be working under their authority. Anytime you operate a business within logistics, you must meet the FMCSA Guidelines to qualify the business as being compliant.

•    How does my credit score affect me becoming a freight broker?

Credit comes into being important when opening your freight broker business for obtaining a Surety Bond and also fuel cards.

•    Could I work for FREIGHT UNIVERSITY after completing the Freight Broker Agent Training Program?

Yes, we have several partner broker firms waiting for us to refer the right person who has been thru our Freight Broker Agent Training Course. We have truck dispatching positions as well. Sign up and lets go to work !

•    If I want to start a trucking company, what training program should I sign up for?

Freight University Online Course will teach you How to Start A Trucking Company and much More..

•    If I want to start a freight broker business do, I really need to enroll in the Logistical Business Development Program.

Yes, this is the only way we can truly help you. Building a freight broker business is more than just training, there are critical developmental situations that will allow you to build a solid foundation for your Broker Business to work from. Owning a Freight Broker Agency can be amazing if structured the right way. FREIGHT UNIVERSITY   has designed a program and perfected this method for the last 20 years. This is what we do best!

•    If I have no experience would the Online Training Course teach me enough to become a freight broker agent?

The Online Broker training Course is amazing! Anyone who is dedicated to learning how to become a freight broker and also how to dispatch truck loads can learn from our DIY program. If the person is serious and motivated to become a professional logistics expert and takes their time with the DIY program, then yes they can self-teach themselves from our Online Freight Broker Training Course. The freight broker audio lessons are designed for you to listen and learn while following multiple outlines, videos, and classroom teachings.   

•    Why should I choose FREIGHT UNIVERSITY for my training over the other online training companies?

We are the original freight broker training and trucking company consulting business who have been around for more than 20 plus years working with the logistics community. We think outside the box, and we take logistics seriously. We love what we do, and we love working with others who are just as passionate.

•    Do I need any special skills to become a freight broker/agent?

You do not need any special skills to be a freight broker agent, however you do need to be able to grasp logistics information over a 3-month training course time and also be able to communicate well with other people. You also need a computer with headset, reliable internet, and a location to learn for a few hours each session of training. Being a freight broker is not about being the best salesperson, it is about having knowledge and being able to communicate well. Its about freight research and making the deal!

•    Can you guarantee my success after completing the course?

FREIGHT UNIVERSITY cannot guarantee your success after the freight broker training is completed. Your success will be determined by your commitment to learn, ability to work at building your business, and over all determination and effort you put forth in your logistics career. We can guarantee you an awesome learning experience that will impress you with the vast amount of up-to-date knowledge and how to implement your freight broker or dispatch business. being a true Professional Logistics Service Provider is being a person of information. Your success will come from your ability to take the knowledge and move forward with your determination to help trucking company's grow by your services and skills. We at FREIGHT UNIVERSITY will show you how this is done. That is our Guarantee! 

•    Does FREIGHT UNIVERSITY offer a Freight Broker Certificate of completion at the end of the training?

Yes, we do give a beautiful certificate for those who complete our course programs as a "Professional Logistics Service Provider" within the category of Freight Broker or Freight Researcher. 


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