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ELD Mandate Is Working Says FMCSA

Electronic Logging Devices


The electronic logging device mandate is working, said the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, as it posted a new infographic on its website it plans to update monthly. DOWNLOAD HERE. FMCSA describes the infographic as a “snapshot of the positive impact electronic logging devices (ELDs) are having on improving hours-of-service compliance on our nation’s roads.”

Since the ELD mandate went fully into effect April 1 with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Out-of-Service criteria for ELDs, less than 1% (4,720) of all driver inspections (559,940) have resulted in the driver being cited for operating without a required ELD or grandfathered AOBRD, the agency reported.

According to the infographic, only 0.64% of driver inspections in May had at least one hours-of-service violation.

Compare this to a year earlier, in May 2017, when 1.31% of driver inspections had at least one hours-of-service violation.

The rate dropped significantly after December 2017, when the first “soft enforcement” phase went into effect, dropping from 1.19% in December to .83% in January. The rate stayed right around that mark for the first quarter of the year, then dropped again once the “hard” deadline hit in April, to .69%.


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