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How Much Money Can A Freight Broker Agent Make ?

How much money can a freight broker agent earn?

The number one question that is asked today is how much money can I make as a freight broker agent? This question is the deciding factor for almost everyone getting into the industry and it drives us to try to do our best in being a successful freight broker agent. There are some determining factors that can shape how much your salary or income can be when you start off as a freight broker or freight agent.

Factors to consider:

  • Am I a freight broker owner or a freight agent?

  • How many hours am I going to invest daily?

  • Did i get training and have the appropriate skills and knowledge to do my job?

  • What key industry or niche am I looking to move freight in?

  • What percentage is my commission when I move freight as an agent?

  • How much am I willing to invest financially in tools to help me move freight? (Load board services, software etc.)

  • Am I working from a home office?

  • Do I have logistical assistants helping me move freight?

  • Am I working with multiple carriers to move my loads ?

Determining your business plan and how much effort you plan on putting into your business will decide how much earning potential you will have. From my 17 years of experience and working with hundreds of different agents and brokers all over the United States my average estimates below are separated in part time earnings and full time earnings. If a person who is truly committed to moving freight, they will enroll into a freight agent training school to learn the art and the best ways of moving freight daily. Knowledge is power and this is an industry where a person can not learn as they go, the trucking companies are depending on your skills and knowledge from day one. Learn how to become a freight agent here.

  • Part time Earning for a Freight agent is around 25k to 40k dollars yearly.

  • Full Time Freight Agent committed at 100% is around 50k to 100k dollars yearly.

These earnings have been a consistent average that for anyone who is strategically planning their freight broker business can accomplish or even succeeded. The amount of money you earn will depend on the loads you move. Below is an example of how to gauge your possible income as a freight agent. You have heard many times that it all depends on you and your efforts.

Move 2 loads a day 5 days a week …. $125.00 commission per each load. =$1250.00 weekly or 65k dollars yearly salary.

It does not take long to understand how powerful this business can be and why Entrepreneur Magazine calls this the best online business of the future.

I have personally done this on more than one occasion with One Corporate Company who gave me two loads daily five days a week. The commission is negotiated beforehand and I gave a discount of each load being $125.00 commission per load. The company I am moving the loads for does not know my commission; they only know my cost to transport the goods. If a freight broker agent strategically works with the same customers and build the right relationships, within a few months your loads can increase to unlimited to how much freight you want to move and how much money you want to make.

For those who are committed working in networks and utilizing logistical assistants can earn easily 6 figures. The logistical industry is an economic power house that has plenty of room and expansion for those who are dedicated and cutting edge. Make a choice today if you want to go all the way and begin your career as a freight broker agent. Visit how to become a freight agent here.


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