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How To Become Certified As A Professional Freight Broker?

Freight Broker Certification Requirements

Learning how to become a freight broker to help trucking company's grow is a rewarding career. The limitations within this trillion dollar industry can only be backed by a Property Broker's Authority The word we hear daily describing a property broker is also called freight broker, or freight broker agent. These are terms we have adapted to the profession of being a property broker within America. The logistics industry has seen an influx with the demanding taunt of getting millions of loads moved daily and lack of available equipment, The rise in FMCSA Property Broker MC#'s and rising numbers of retiring truck drivers who want to get off the road and just move a load from home idea, has created a mass confusion on what the job duties of a so called freight broker truly are.

Certification is not mandated and is only needed for those who are seeking to enter the logistics career industry with proper training and guidance. Being a Certified Freight Broker Agent can give you just enough of the advantage ahead when building a relationship with carriers.

The requirements of becoming a freight brokerage on your own can be done quite easily. Filing for the proper documentations is the toughest part and your papers must be exact so that your not denied by the FMCSA. You can use LFS services to file for your freight broker license and freight broker surety bond so that these documents and federal filings are done correctly and fast, The basic requirements are: FMCSA GUIDELINES

  • For brokers of property: Proof of Insurance Coverage: a Surety Bond (Form BMC-84) or Trust Fund Agreement (Form BMC-85) in the amount of $75,000.

  • For brokers of household goods: Proof of Insurance Coverage: a Surety Bond (Form BMC-84) or Trust Fund Agreement (Form BMC-85) in the amount of $75,000.

  • Form BOC-3, Designation of Process Agent Form (brokers may designate themselves as their own process agents in the State in which they are writing contracts)

  • Application processing fee: $300 (non-refundable) charged during the application process

  • Application processing time: Approximately 4-6 weeks

Each day within the logistical industry, changes are taking into effect and just getting a property broker authority does not make you a Professional Logistical Service Provider.

Here are some reasons of why you need to get educated by a true program that

enables the individual to have a hands on experience while learning how to freight broker. receiving Freight Broker Certification from LFS enables you to

Certification with LFS enables you to have the knowledge to keep your trucking clients update and in compliance with their safety maintenance and daily driver safety compliance. You will be able to provide proper FMCSA Compliance guidance to your trucking clients.

Certification gives a new logistic freight agent the knowledge to know the cost of maintenance and what is required when operating a truck for hire.Trucking company's have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into equipment that you must professionally manage to be profitable.

Certification allows you to become a professional within mapping solutions that gives the route information to better become profitable with fuel cost and dead head miles.

LFS Freight Broker Training Course gives you the right direction for becoming a professional with HOS and ELD compliance that just became mandated in 2018. A freight broker must monitor the HOS (Hours OF Service) that is mandated by the FMCSA and learn the connecting software that delivers the trucks exact location, hours of operation, On Duty Status and more.An individual who is not knowledgeable with these mandates could directly cause a trucking company error and result in out of service and costly fines. An agent is always connected to software Transportation Management Solutions that keeps company's connected to the driver at all times.

A true freight broker agent who is certified will know and understand understand how to properly dispatch carriers to the pick up of their load and delivered on time to its drop off location. Using TMS Software solutions and having been trained with hands on experience will allow a freight broker to monitor the load documents in real time, upload the BOLS to the dispatched load and then proceed to funding by pressing the enter button. Learning how to manage the load is a key focus with Logistical Forwarding Solutions certification Program that allows the person to get comfortable with the virtual realism of being a freight broker from a home office or corporate office in New York.

Certification is not mandated by the FMCSA today to become and act as a property broker or agent. A freight agent and freight broker both have the responsibility of being knowledgeable and able to perform their duties under the FMCSA guidelines. Being the eyes and knowledge for your trucking clients can increase your business 2 fold for the reason company's will trust your guidance and professional services.

For many reasons the biggest question many people ask is once they are starting their career, what do trucking company's look for when wanting to work with a logistics provider.What do smaller trucking company's need when deciding to choose who to work with and what real services from a freight broker should they be expecting. The answer to this question is they should be working with a " Professional Logistical Service Provider" . An individual who has gained proper knowledge and certification that truly can provide the needed services these company's are struggling to find.

To find out more on how to get freight broker certification, you can visit LFS Here

Logistical Forwarding Solutions

About Author Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas has spent the last 15 years working as a freight broker and trucking company owner. He works daily within his own company's and enjoys sharing his knowledge with individuals all over the world. His goal is to help others enjoy the freedom of logistics and learn how to become a freight broker or how to start a trucking company business. Contact Michael Thomas today at or send an Email at


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