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Help Truck Drivers In America By Learning How To Become A
Freight Broker or Truck Dispatcher...


Build An Online Logistics Business And
Partner With Trucking Compan
ies Of America From
Anywhere In The World!

Freight University Truck Dispatcher Course Online

Don't let fear or self doubt hold you back any longer. Build Something Solid With American Trucking


Invest in yourself and join Freight University Now.


It's time to take control of your future and start achieving your dreams.


JOIN NOW and let us help you reach your full potential.

Our Online Freight Broker Training Course Will teach You 4 Combined Subjects All Included. You will have the skills to help the logistics industry of America grow!

You Will Learn How To Become A Freight Broker, How To Professionally Dispatch Trucks and Build a Truck Dispatching Business. You Will Also Learn How To Understand Trucking Company Development.

FU Course Is Taught By A leading Logistics Veteran With Over 26 Years Experience. There Is No Other Course As In-Depth In The World Compared To Ours! 

You can Achieve This From Anywhere In The World

Only $79.00 a month,

Cancel Anytime ... No Contract.

Freight Broker Course Online
Online Freight Broker Course

Learn From Any Device 

Drive Trucking Customers To Your Freight Business $$

Included For Free A New Course On "How To Market Your Logistics Business With SEO Using ChatGPT and AI"

Learn How To Let The World Know About Your Business Services Within Logistics!

Freight Agent Online Course

Learn More About Our Life Changing Course

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Freight Broker Training Course
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PLSPA Profesional Logistics Service Provider Association

Freight Course will teach you how to:

Start an online business by learning all 4 courses together. The four Subjects taught are : freight broker course, freight agent course, a freight dispatcher course, and how to start a trucking company.

You will learn how to work from anywhere online within the trucking and logistics industry of America

More About Your Online Course

We have spent the last 20 plus years adapting the methods to teach someone how to become a freight agent, a freight broker , truck dispatcher AND how to start a trucking company. The freight broker agent training will allow you to learn from a classroom setting within a virtual platform that is done right from the comfort of your home. This old school training method makes it easy to grasp the vast amount of information that is taught. If you are interested in learning how to become a freight agent, start your own freight broker business, or start a trucking business, our training and audios will give you all the information needed to do so.  We are the Professionals within the freight broker industry and the original instructors teaching freight broker techniques. Basically you sign up, go online, we teach and you learn.  Its that simple !

You will follow our 4 point study guide for at least 3 to 4 months while you learn on your own: These points are :

1. Priceless Study Materials.
You have a vast amount of study material that you will follow thru for the next 3 months. This freight agent training material has been put together for the last 20 plus years that not only teaches you how to become a freight broker/agent, but also teaches you the real world entrepreneurial side of growing your freight broker business. We take memory retention into account and try to help each individual cope with the amount of information while learning how to build their freight business. The study material consist of a 300 plus page training manual as well as multiple outlines, forms, videos, and audios.

2. In-Depth 80 Hours Audio Teaching With Outlines.
We utilize training audios that follow along our study material. This allows anyone to begin their freight training on their own and while in the comfort of their home. Once you have finished reading over various subjects and chapters, there are in-depth freight broker training audios that are teachings per chapter and on various key subject. You have the ability to listen, and re listen to any subject at any time.

3. Dedicate the time to make things happen !
Each freight agent or truck dispatcher in training will need to dedicate the necessary time to absorb the teachings. The teachings are packed with the most in-depth information and it requires dedication to gain the knowledge needed to move forward. The teachings are recorded virtual meetings where each individual is engaged with questions, and group interactions that allow for an in-depth teaching over the chapter they have just read and listened to the attached audios. We take the reading and audio teachings to another level by going over a third time with real world freight broker scenario situations and how to apply the teachings while building their freight agent business. Basically each student receives 3 different styles of teaching and learning opportunity per freight subject and chapter. Read the material, listen to the audio teachings, practice the teachings, as this has been a very successful method to help each freight agent grasp the knowledge needed within the freight broker agent training course.

4.Work And Learn !
Apply the knowledge while working as a freight agent. Freight University has enabled one of the most important teaching factors that helps anyone learn on how to become a freight agent. You work as you learn. This is our 4th key factor to our freight agent training course. Usually after the 3rd week of training, each individual is allowed to take the knowledge they have received and begin to apply it by working and learning. Some agents begin to earn an income right away while others choose to build their freight business foundation directly. Working and learning is very important for your training experience. You can achieve this from anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for the most comprehensive training on how to become a freight agent or truck dispatcher and work from anywhere in the world then you are at the right place.  Not only will you receive the knowledge of how to become a freight agent or truck dispatcher, there is a possibility for job placement within one of our partnered brokerage firms.

If you have any questions about our How to Become a Freight Agent or Truck Dispatcher Course, give us a call at 302-551-3038 or click the Contact us form below and allow us to answer your questions.

Also Included in your logistics training course are :

Editable Legal Contracts For Your Business To Move Freight With Including :

  • Freight Agent Contract

  • Agent To Carrier Dispatch Contract

  • Broker Shipper Contract

  • Carrier Shipper Contract​

  • 300 Page Study Guide 

  • 200 Audio recordings on logistics Terms.

  • Links to FMCSA Regulations​​

  • Business models to choose from to start your logistics business

  • In-depth Trucking Company Compliance and Freight Broker Compliance​

  • Video, Audio and Outline downloads for understanding what a trucking company must do to stay legal and within FMCSA guidelines.​

Downloadable outlines are :

  • Complete Safety Guideline Trucking

  • FMCSA Truck Tire Tread Thickness

  • Safety Audit Guide Book

  • Commercial Driver Application

  • Carrier BIO Application Form

  • Know Hours A Driver Can Drive

  • Driver Pre Trip Inspection

  • DOT Driver Vehicle Inspection Information

  • Driver Qualification List

  • 2023 Pocket Guide Trucks

  • Drug And Alcohol Brochure Drivers

  • New Carrier Entrant Program FMCSA

  • SMS Methodology Handbook

  • 1000 Mile Vehicle Inspection Report

  • Understanding IFTA

  • Much More 

FREE 3000 Shipper list with verified email and phone contact.

  • Downloadable HAZMAT  Training  Information​

  • Downloadable Information For Understanding HAZMAT requirements for moving freight.​

  • Hazardous Materials Regulations

  • Hazmat Transportation Training INFO

  • Guide To Developing A Hazardous Material Training Program

  • Starting Point Downloadable Information on :​

  • A complete guide and starting point on how to begin launching your logistics freight broker business and understanding what is your next steps in getting there. ​​

  • A complete study lesson on how to become a truck load dispatcher with outlines and audio.​

  • How to Become A Freight Broker Lesson Course :​

This course is a complete freight broker learning audio guide that teaches you how to take logistics knowledge and turn it into money. Becoming a true freight broker with dispatch skills and building a business that actually makes it. A Complete Lesson guide with Audio and Outlines for Download that will blow your mind!​

Also Included in Freight Broker Online Learning Course And Access To downloadable Information on :

  • Partnering With Freight Factoring

  • Using A TMS

  • Proper Freight Insurance 

  • Starting Your Business Development

  • Joining A Freight Broker Firm

  • Starting A Trucking Company 

  • Start A Dispatch Business

  • How To Create Passive Income Within The Trucking Industry


  • Easy access to a web based log in portal that allows you to listen to your training freight broker audios anytime from your computer or phone. 

  • Over 300 pages 2023 Freight Broker Training Manual along with other downloadable learning materials that are accompanied with learning audios for a more in-depth learning experience.

  • Real time approach to moving freight and how to successfully start your own business guidelines with audios.

  • Resource center with key information pertaining to the freight broker industry.

  • Complete freight broker documents and contracts to help you jump start your freight broker business.

  • Free access to questions answered by Michael Thomas

  • Additional BONUS Study Program on " How To Build A Truck Dispatch Business "

  • How to build a trucking company.

  • 30 Minutes Freight Broker Business consulting.

  • A Complete Guide on How to Market Your New Logistics Business Training Course included.

  • SEO Marketing Your Freight Business Using ChatGPT and AI  (NEW)

  • AND Much More !

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