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"Becoming A Professional Logistics Service Provider"

Asset-Based Business Model
"Build A Trucking Company"
Phase 1

Step 1. Begin Here Video.. Only if you are ready!

Freight Broker Course Online Dispatcher Course


Refer To The Motor Carrier Safety Planning by the FMCSA to walk you thru each step needed for starting your trucking company properly.

Download The Carrier Compliance Questionnaire. Are you Are Meeting The requirements PDF Download

Watch Motor Carrier Safety Planning Overview Video

Step 3. Watch Do I Need A DOT or MC Number Video

Download PDF Outline

Step 4. Listen To Trucking Company Business Model Audio

Download PDF Outline

trucking business model PDF.png

Step 5. Listen To Starting Point For Compliance For Your Trucking Company

Download PDF Outline

Compliance Starting PDF.png

Additional Outlines And resources From FMCSA Compliance 

Safety Audit Guide PDF Download

Step 6 Listen To Compliance For Inside Truck Cab And Outside Of Truck

Download PDF Outline

Compliance inside cab.png

Step 7 Listen To Operating Your Trucking Company For Growth

Download PDF Outline

Trucking Company FOr Growth.png

Continue To Phase 2 To Learn About Building The Next Business Model Into Your Trucking Company.

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