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 Listen Below To What You Need For Your Logistics Home Office

National Fuel Update By Us Energy Information Association

A Message For You

Please note that all the audio recordings are taken from our live freight broker development class  and are updated regularly. You will have the ability to gain information that comes from current class settings and teachings happening in real time. Multiple audios on particular subjects will allow you to learn on various topics by different methods of teachings. These recordings are used daily to help Freight Brokers understand the true meaning of building their logistics business in todays current logistics market. Take your time and listen to each audio that follows along with chapters and subjects.

Follow Down Thru Each Step

Please download the freight broker training manual that will allow you to follow along with the recordings. It is best that you have it printed out so that you can begin to make notes and build your logistical knowledge on paper for better learning. We call this your information binder.

Logistics Definitions By Audio

Click on the file below and receive over 200 audio recordings on different logistics terminology. Add these audios to your logistics data and learn the different key words that is used within the transportation industry.

The Trucking Industry Needs You! Become Knowledgeable And Help Them Grow. 

Knowledge Makes You Valuable $

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Download This 44-Page Book On The Shocking Truth Why Every Truck Driver Should Be A freight Broker. Make sure you learn this book from inside and out. Then bring this message to every truck driver you meet and how working with them and yourself can build an Empire Together. 

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Step 1

Step 1 : Begin Here

Listen To Your Starting Point
Introduction to Your Training Program

In September 2023 the DOT executed 262,785 inspections and issued 137,212 violations across the US. Top vehicle OOS violations were for braking systems, tires and wheels, brake adjustments, and cargo securement. Top driver OOS violations were for hours of service, wrong license classes, and false logs.

This means : 48% received violations 

Step 2 : Understand Your Market

Chapter 1

Step 3 : Chapter 1

Invoking Your Thought Chapter 1 Audio
Chapter 2

Step 4 : Chapter 2

Chapter 2.png
Download And Learn Freight terms Of Sale Study Guide  NEW
Structures Of Transportation Audio
How To Class Freight In 4 Minutes
LTL Freight.... Get It Straight !
Interstate & Intrastate Difference
Listen choose Mode Of Transportation and Industry Audio

 Next : Learn Transport Modes

Transport Modes
Transport Modes Course.png

Full Course On Transport Modes
For The True Entrepreneur Who Wants To Learn The In-depth Ways Of Moving Freight Within Different Modes


The Geography of Transport Systems represents a project that has been ongoing for more than 20 years. It was initially funded by Industry Canada (1997-98) “NoteMakers: Development of World Wide Web-Based Post-Secondary Education Courses”, but rapidly expanded well beyond its initial scope which was to provide basic multimedia information about transport geography. The site has now become one of the most widely used transportation sources on the Internet, averaging about 120,000 unique visitors per month. It totals more than 1,460 independent web pages. It is continuously being updated as new material becomes available and web design technology evolves.

Port Economics
In-depth Study Of Port Freight

Port Economics.png

Port Economics, Management, and Policy analyses the contemporary port industry and how ports are organized to serve the needs of the global economy and regional and local development. It uses a conceptual background supported by extensive fieldwork and empirical observations, such as the analysis of flows, ports, and the strategies and policies articulating their dynamics. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the port industry.

City Logistics: Concepts, Policy And Practice
Urban Freight Movement

City Logistics.jpg

City logistics involves both freight distribution in urban areas as well as the strategies that can improve its overall efficiency while mitigating congestion and environmental externalities. It includes the provision of services that manage the movements of goods in cities and provide innovative responses to customer demands. City logistics has received a growing level of attention in light of ongoing urbanization, rising standards of living, globalization, and new forms of consumption such as e-commerce.

Step 5 : Learn Dispatching 

Why Dispatch Knowledge Is Important
Got To Dispatch Training   Click Here
Chapter 3
Do not proceed to Step 6 Until You Have Finished Dispatch Training. Be patient and take your time !

Step 6 : Chapter 3

Ch 3.png
Understanding Your Shippers And Carriers ( These Outlines Are Followed Below With Audio Teachings)
Chapter 3 Part 1  Knowing Your Shipper
Chapter 3 Part 2,  Outline "Package Checklist"
Chapter 3 Part 3,  Outline "Importance Of Carriers"
Work Flow Of Load
Work Flow Of Your First Load 
Finding Shippers By SIC
Listen To Video below On What Is A Broker carrier Agreement
Watch Video Below On Finding Shippers By SIC Code Method
SIC Codes And NAICS Codes Explained
Understanding Traffic Lanes
Understanding Traffic Lanes And How To Create Them 
Understanding Hours Of Service
12 Rules Perfect Lod

Watch Video Below About Bill Of Lading

Final Ending Of Chapter 3

Driver Compliance Videos

Step 6 : Understand Compliance

Always VISIT  FMCSA.GOV  Regulatory Compliance 
DIspatching (1).png
Understand Important Compliance Issues by following the outlines and Videos below. You must fully understand the daily compliance trucking companies must follow.
DOT Letter requirements On Trucks
Understand Driver Hours Of Service
Always VISIT  FMCSA.GOV  Regulatory Compliance 
Understanding CSA Score
Importance carrir Safety report

The Importance Of Downloading A Safety Report On Your Carrier

Watch Video on The Importance Of Downloading A Safety Report On Your Carrier

Watch Video on The Importance Of Driver Files For trucking Company Compliance

Watch Video on How To Run Full Query On Driver In Clearing House

Watch Video on The Importance Of  Documents For In Cab Truck Compliance

Watch Video on The Importance Of A Driver Query.

Commercial Equipment Maintenance Files
Pre Trip Inspection
Tire Tread Inspection
Air Brake Trip Inspection
Trailer Inspection
Understanding IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement)

Listen To Important Message

Why You Need To Know IFTA
IFTA And IRP Record Keeping By State
What Is IFTA And How Does It Work ?
IRP Plates
Trucking Company DOT Audit : Staying Compliant
A 5 Part Must See Trucking Compliance Video Series by OOIDA. Please take your time and learn what a new trucking company must do to complete their Safety Audit. This is a crucial service that you can offer to help your trucking company clients. You also become knowledgeable within DOT compliance.
* New Entrant Training Program by FMCSA Click Here
Safety Audit Guide PDF Download
Chapter 4

Step 6 : Chapter 4

Ch 4.png
Understanding Freight Rates
Percentage Pay Or Mile Pay For Carriers
Chapter 5

Step 7 : Chapter 5

Ch 5.png
Working with a Factoring Company

Before you get a business loan for your freight broker business or trucking company business. Make sure you do not get a UCC filing on your loan, This will stop you from being able to do business in the beginning with a factoring company. 

About UCC Filing

UCC-Uniform Commercial Code-1 statement is a legal notice filed by creditors as a way to publicly declare their rights to potentially obtain the personal properties of debtors who default on business loans they extend. Often abbreviated as "UCC-1", these notices are typically printed in local newspapers, in an attempt to alert the masses of the creditors' intentions.

UCC-1s are required for all business loans under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and establish a relative priority over which specific assets may be seized, and in what order, while solidifying the collection pecking order in cases where there are multiple lenders to the same debtor.


  • A UCC-Uniform Commercial Code-1 statement is a legal notice filed by creditors in an effort to publicly declare their right to seize assets of debtors who default on loans.

  • UCC-1 notices are typically printed in local newspapers, in an effort to publicly express a lender's intent to seize collateralized assets. 

  • These forms are mainly used to smooth out collection processes, often by helping lenders secure court orders authorizing them to seize assets from delinquent borrowers.

  • These forms must be filed with agencies located in the state where the borrower's business is incorporated.

  • There are two types of UCC-1 statements: blanket liens and liens attached to specific collateral.

Buildin residual Income factoring
How To Build Residual Income With Factoring Companies ?
Make Sure A Trucking Company gets Paid !    Great Info
Chapter 6

Step 8 : Chapter 6

Ch 6.png
Different Types Of Freight Brokering. The Do's and Dont's
Chapter 7

Step 9 : Chapter 7

Ch 7.png
Broker Bonds And Insurance
Freight Broker Bond Information
Importance Of Acord Insurance Certificate
The Importance Of The Acord Insurance Certificate
Insurance Terminology
Very Important Insurance Information For Understanding Insurance Terminology For Freight Brokers And trucking Company's Outline
Chapter 8

Step 10 : Chapter 8

Ch 8.png
Freight Claims
Chapter 9

Step 11 : Chapter 9

Ch 9.png

Understand How Powerful Trailers Are. The trailer controls how much you get paid within an Industry.

Loading Trailers.png
3 Main Types Of Trailers For New Brokers To Start With
How To Properly Tarp A Flat Bed Trailer
Understanding How Refrigerated Trailers Operate
Securing Freight Safely In A Dry-Box Trailer
Chapter 10

Step 12 : Chapter 10

Ch 10.png
Chapter 10 More Freight Broker Regulations Audio Teachings
Important Broker Regulation Information
Small Entity Guide To Freight Broker Regulations Download FMCSA (Updated Current Version) 
Download PDF
Guidance for Industry Small Entity Compliance Guide: Sanitary Transportation Of Human And Animal Food
Download PDF
Training for Carriers covered by the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food Rule
Training Course Link
Full Circle Logistcs

Step 12 : Full Circle

Ch 11.png
Additional  Class Training On Building Your Full Circle Outline.
Businss Mode Building
Begin Building Your Logistics Business Model. Choose Your Direction Of learning Below With 5 Business Models
Listen Before Moving Forward
Earn Money With Us
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