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Trailer Business Model
"Build An Equipment Trailer Company"
Phase 3

Step 1. Begin Here Video.. Only if you are ready!


Listen to Building An Equipment Company Business Model Within Your Trucking Company By Utilizing Trailers.

Trailer business Model 1 (1).png
Additional Note On This Business Model
When renting a trailer always make sure that :
  • You collect weekly Escrow over a period of weeks until you reach at least $2500.00. This is used for the what if situation and also for any unforeseen damages caused by renter.
  • Always make sure the owner-operator has trailer interchange insurance that covers the value of the trailer.

Trailer rental Agreement For You To Modify DOWNLOAD

Additional Resources To follow

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Click  Picture To Open Flatbed Trailer Diagram
Click Picture To Open Reefer Trailer Diagram
reefer diagram.jpg
Click Picture To Open Reefer Air Flow Diagram
Refrigeration-and-airflow-in-a-highway-reefer-trailer-with-24-pallets-showing-12 (1).png
Click Picture To Open Dry Box Trailer Diagram
Click Picture To Open Dry Box Trailer Weight Diagram
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