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Please Follow The Steps Below Before Entering The Main Training Page

Make sure to Download your logistics course manual. This 316 Page training manual is used within the training lectures. As always take your time to apply the knowledge.

Logistics Training Course manuel.png

Next Begin Here: Your First Audio To Listen. 

The Art Of The Deal 2

 Download The Art Of The Deal Outline To Follow With Audio Below

After Listening To the Art Of The Deal, You Can Now Proceed To The Main Training Portal Page

If you have question you would like to ask, please send an email to . We will be happy to answer your question and wish you the best in your learning experience.

Your Logistics Training Material is Provided By LFS . LFS Logistical Developmental Program is taught by Freight University and Veteran Logistics Instructor With More Than  25 years experience. 

All material is copy right protected by © LFS Consulting and © Freight

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